Extended Cryopreservation and Embryo Transfer

This production forces the debate on abortion to confront core issues that tend to be obfuscated by both the pro-life and pro-choice arguments. Through the use of fictional blogs and websites, we unveil a world in which a woman can undergo an abortion without damaging the fetus. In addition to narrative elements, guiding questions are also provided.

This work required the efforts of a number of individuals, including two professional writers who helped add a sense of intrigue and realism to the storyline. An interesting component about the creation of this work was that the fictional blogs were written in 'real-time', meaning that the authors did not knnow the events or true purpose of the project until the characters they encompassed has been made aware.

The Middle East World Cup: 2038

This brief work envisions the future in which the World Cup is hosted in the Middle East. It is unabashedly filled with hope for the future, in which there are three host nations: Israeli, Lebanese, and Palestinian.

This work was inspired by this year's World Cup hosted in South Africa. It is quixotic and bereft of cynicism. Consider Nelson Mandela sitting in jail thirty years ago, could he have envisioned the reality we see today? A post-Apartheid, proud South Africa hosting the world's most significant sporting event. The answer is: of course he did! Many of us cannot imagine a better world, but those leaders who do should inspire us, and they truly believe that nothing is impossible.

We parodied an Economist article to illustration the point. The Economist was chosen because it is a British publication, and while this work remains shamelessly optimistic, I couldn't help but have a touch of irony!