Dedication to Excellence

Two Shades of Green formed at The Wharton School of Business at The University of Pennsylvania as a student-run organization devoted to advocating alignment between economic profit and environmental responsibility. It was one of the first university-based groups to promote a truly collaborative rather than oppositional relationship between environmental and economic concerns.

Now, Two Shades of Green, having evolved from one of the original student founders', is a digital strategy and optimization firm devoted to the renewable energy and clean technology sector. We focus on site optimizations, website analytics, and digtal strategy.

Ken Markus

Ken Markus Ken has been providing online and digital consultative services for more than 14 years. He started his career as one of the founding members of what is now Moody's Since then he has led and supported teams across many industries for companies as small as the two-person start-up to the largest Fortune 100 organizations. Throughout his career he has sought to bridge the technical and business gaps in communication and undertsanding, to ensure that optimal strategies are both conceived and achieved.